Department of English of AIUB held the Finals of first ever Spelling Bee on the 9th of May 2012 in the Media Studio; Level 13, Campus 7 at 3:00 pm. The judges of the competition were Dr. Charles Villanueva, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration; Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed, Head of the English Department, and Ms. Shaila Ahmed, Faculty, Department of English. The occasion started with the welcoming speech of Dr. Tazul Islam, and ended with result declaration and vote of thanks by Charles Villanueva. Dr. Silverine de Silva conducted the event. At the end of the competition the winners were awarded with Certificates, Crests and Prizes. In fact, the first round of this competition started back in the first week of April and consecutively there were second round held on April 12th and the semi-final on April 19th. The participants of this competition were all the students of courses: English Reading Skills and Public Speaking, English Writing Skills and Communication, Business Communication and Writing for Arts and Social Sciences from different departments of AIUB. Teachers and students of English and other departments attended and enjoyed the program. The program was telecast live via the AIUB website. After getting a good response from AIUBians the Department is thinking of organizing inter-university spelling contest in future. Teachers of English Department worked hard to make this first-ever event--particularly Dr. Silverine, Mr. Hamidul Haque and Mr. Asif Kamal deserve special thanks for their laudable effort.
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