Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (AIUB-IQAC)


Quality Assurance is a continuous process of Quality Improvement in Higher Education through Accreditation and Assessment. AIUB endeavors to promote and sustain quality in all aspects and dimensions of learning and operations. To bring the dynamics of education into a high level, in 2008 a quality assurance center (AQAC) was established in the university. The primordial function of the center was to oversee and lead the quality assurance activities of the university through series of building awareness and training of the academic and administrative personnel. In 2015 AQAC was transformed/restructured into an Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as per mandate by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) – Ministry of Education (MoE).

Quality and Accountability are two inseparable and indispensable actions. Quality is not given in silver platter. It has to be worked out in view of its varying applications and uses. It has to suit and pass the test of the time considering the fast and emerging developments, demands and needs of the potential users. It has to be sustained and made accountable in the process of implementation and close coordination with various units of the university. It serves as a vanguard of quality of the university.

  • AIUB Established AIUB Quality Assurance Center (AQAC) in September 2008
  • AIUB is the first university in Bangladesh to establish Quality Assurance Center among all private and public universities
  • AQAC has gone through Local & International Accreditation of different Academic Programs
  • AIUB Management Operation System is ISO 9001:2008 certified by SGS
  • AQAC has gone through many other QA activities
  • AQAC was functional till December 2014
  • In January 2015 as per the UGC- QAU- HEQEP Guidelines, the AQAC has transformed into Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (AIUB-IQAC)
Message from the Vice Chancellor and QAC Chairman
The initiative of AIUB to pursue quality assurance dates back at the time when the mission and vision of the university have been formulated. QA concept is enshrined in these two important documents. Correspondingly, these statements ...

Message from the Director
The university’s thrust is more focused on quality rather than quantity. This quality must transcend in the academic programs and services it provides to its stakeholders. The commitment of the management to ensure quality in its academic ...

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