MoU for Mobile Application Development and Research Collaboration with Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD)

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) is a direct subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, a concern of Samsung Group which is one of the largest corporations in the world. SRBD is the first software-based Research & Development Center in Bangladesh as well. From its corporate social responsibility, SRBD is proposing to include Application/OS development on Tizen Platform in course curriculum for the skills and capacity development of students and faculty members. This content will introduce students and faculty members of AIUB to the new and highly promising world of Tizen application development/Tizen OS development that will make them skilled developers/researchers for next generation Wearables and IoT platforms.

MoU with BRAC IT Services Ltd.

BRAC IT Services Ltd. (biTS) is an IT Solution and Services company and is a subsidiary jointly owned by BRAC Bank and BRAC. biTS has been formed in 2013 through the merger of a subsidiary IT company owned by BRAC and the IT Division of BRAC Bank. biTS strives to become the most trustworthy company in Bangladesh providing technology solutions and managing IT Services.

biTS provides end-to-end solutions for industries like Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutes, Educational Institutes, Micro-Finance, NGOs, FMCG etc. biTS has a team of highly capable and professional individuals committed to deliver high productivity, efficiency as well as creativity. We are committed to help our customers to achieve operational efficiency through transforming their existing operations using our best value solutions and services.

MoU with Department of Linguistics of the University of Dhaka

The UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA was established in 1921 under the Government of India Act XVIII of 1920 to create new areas of knowledge and disseminate this knowledge to the society through its students.

MoU with BJIT Academy Ltd.

By collaborating in the above areas, we can address skill gaps of graduates successfully and produce Industry Ready IT resources from AIUB.

AIUB Mobility Program with University Trento

AIUB mobility program with University of Trento is due to start soon. Note that this program is available for MSCS, MEEE and MTEL students only who have completed at least 4 courses and not more than 9 courses by Summer 2014. Students are allowed choose up to 5 courses from any one or two consecutive semesters.