Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA)

AIUB Oratory Club (AOC):

AOC is one of the most active clubs of the university. AOC has been involved in a number of Public Speaking Competitions like Pohela Boishakh Debate, and Valentine's Day Debate Inter University Debate and most importantly World University Debating Championship of 2006 and so on. They are going from strength to strength. AOC has all along been a regular participant in different inter-university and inter club debating competitions. A few other new dimensions have been added with the ongoing excellence of AOC over the last few years. As an initiative of AOC, AIUB has got the opportunity to host a number of large scale debating competition involving both the students of higher secondary and tertiary levels. AOC in AIUB was the only participant from all the Universities of Bangladesh in the Mini Worlds 2007 Debating Competition. Recently they have developed an alliance with the National Debate Foundation of Bangladesh and have hosted a number of workshops and competitions all around Bangladesh. The Duo are now busy trying to raise awareness against social issues that need addressing from all aspects of society like the one they recently hosted “Say NO to Drugs”.

AIUB Drama Club (ADC):

ADC is another very active club in AIUB. The regular increase in their membership number is an indication of the growing popularity of the Club amongst the students. The club has been a regular organizer of drama shows and drama workshops. The outstanding performance of different ADC shows has acquired appreciation from both student and faculty community. Every semester the club stages at least one show and most of them are their Home Productions.

AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC):

AIUB Performing Arts Club's major activities involve cultural shows during Pohela Boishakh, Valentine's Day, Foundation Day and Convocation Ceremony. The activities of APAC include Singing, Dancing, Reciting, Choreographing etc.

AIUB Photography Club (APC):

AIUB Photography Club’s major activities involve hosting Photography Workshops and Exhibitions. The outstanding quality and depth of the Photographs displayed in different Exhibitions by the APC in AIUB has been appreciated by student and faculty community alike.