Office of Probation (OP)

About us:

Office of Probation is responsible for improving academic performance who are having academic deficiency, with the support of proper academic counselling. Students whose CGPA is below 2.50 of undergraduate and graduate program are considered as probation students. The office monitors the academic performance of probation students, and accordingly provides special academic guidance and counselling to the students to improve their academic performance. The objective of the Office of Probation is to enrich academic performance of the students and maintain the standard of quality education of American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB).

    1. Maintain a database of the probation students whose CGPA is below 2.50
    2. Contact and meet the guardians along with the probation students to inform about their probation status
    3. Execute the decision of the management for academic suspension, termination or given another chance for one more semester based on academic appeal to improve their CGPA
    4. Maintain documentation of counseling session throughout the semester of the probation students
    5. Assign academic counselors to the probation students for special academic counseling, at least one (1) counseling session per week is provided. Female academic counselors are assigned to female students upon request for counselling.
    6. Special support and benefits are available for the probation students with disabilities and underrepresented probation students. Management reserves the right for final decision.
    7. Monitor the performance of the probation students as well as the performance of the counselors
    8. Generate a statistical report of the probation students for AIUB Management and Faculties.