The Cultural Section of the Embassy of France in Bangladesh would like to draw your attention to an opportunity for Bangladeshi students to complete a Master in Management in a well-known business school in France on a fully funded scholarship.
The Montpellier Business School Foundation Executive Committee decided to create an International Excellence Scholarship Grant as part of the MBS international openness strategy; the objective is to allow foreign students (including one Bangladeshi student this year), holders of a Bachelor degree, to spend two years at Montpellier Business School, in order to pass the “Montpellier Business School Master in Management Grande Ecole”.
MBS foundation will assume travel and living expenses of the student, totaling 9,000 Euros per annum, or 18,000 Euros for two years.
Applicants will be selected based on three criteria:
- Economic situation of applicant and family;
- Academic results of applicant during three previous academic years, and university assessment;
- Personal and professional project of applicant.
Successful applicants will be awarded with a fully funded scholarship for a period of two years, corresponding to the second and final year of the “Montpellier Business School Master in Management Grande Ecole”.
Rules and regulation of the scholarship as well as the application form at: