AIUB was invited to participate in this conference through the Pro Vice Chancellor and Director, IQAC, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva. It was a 2-day Conference organized by UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and UNESCO China. It was held in Shenzhen Hall, Wuzhou Guest House, Shenzhen, China with more than 100 participants coming from all over Asia and Pacific UNESCO  member states. Various papers were delivered by prominent speakers who have been involved in promoting quality assurance particularly in higher education.  These topics were as follows:

-Shifting Focus from Teaching to Learning

-Challenges and Opportunities for Measuring Learning Outcomes of higher education in Asia-Pacific

-Strengthening Quality Assurance of  Lifelong Learning Systems

-Aligning institutional, national and regional strategies to strengthen quality assurance

-Reflecting on the Development of China’s Higher Education Quality Assurance

-Nurturing Caring Leaders through Quality Higher Education

-Quality Assurance of diverse modes of learning-Towards a learner centered model

-Building Culture of Quality: IQA

-Communicating about quality:External quality assurance

-Capacity Development of Quality Assurance in Asia-Pacific

The case of AIUB on IQA was presented during the Thematic Interactive Sessions and in the Exhibits showcasing the good practices of the QA in Asia-Paciifc. A Newsletter: The maiden issue on QA entitled THE VANGUARD .Copies were displayed and to the  best interest of the participants, they picked up copies. There were many organizations / institutions exhibited their practices through variety of documents. AIUB’s Video’s presentation on the Journey to QA was presented during the parallel  session. I informed the participants  that AIUB was chosen as The Best Model QA University by APQN last year during its international conference in Fiji. Our experience in QA is now brought to international landscape in this conference. AIUB will continue to search for avenues where we can learn more strategies to strengthen and make QA functional in the university.

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