1. Coulomb's Law. Electric field. And Calculation of electric field.
  2. Electric flux, Gauss' law and its application in electric field calculation.
  3. Electric potential and its calculation in various cases.
  4. Capacitors. Calculation of capacitance. Parallel and series combination of capacitors. Electrostatic energy in a capacitor. Electrostatic field energy. Dielectrics.

Current Electricity:

  1. Electric current. Ohm's Law and resistance. Direct-current circuits. Kirchhoff's rules. RC circuits.
  2. Magnetic field. Force on current conducting conductors in a magnetic field. Motion of a point charge in a magnetic field. The Hall effect.
  3. Biot-Savart law and its applications. Ampere's law and its applications.
  4. Faraday's law. Motional emf. Application of Faraday's law. LR circuit. Electromagnetic oscillations, LC and LRC circuits.


  1. Lens Aberrations, Microscopes and Camera.
  2. Waves- Simple Harmonic motion, Travelling and Standing waves, Doppler effect.
  3. Interference of light.
  4. Diffraction of waves. Diffraction from a single slit. Diffraction grating.
  5. Polarization of electromagnetic waves.
  6. Laser basics and applications, Optical effects in crystals, Nonlinear optics-an introductory discussion.
  7. Elementary discussion on fiber optics.

Credit: 3
Prerequisite: PHY 1101