1. General Objectives of the AIUB-IQAC
  1. To spearhead in the development and sustainability of quality and excellence in AIUB
  2. To serve as an implementing arm of the management in monitoring and evaluating development activities of AIUB
  3. To serve as a strategic platform for the overall development efforts of the university
  1. Specific Objectives of the AIUB-IQAC

1. To assess the level of understanding and training needs of the teaching and non-teaching officers in relation to quality assurance and accreditation.

2.  To conduct an inventory of the relevant documents, data and information for review, analysis, updating and storing as central depository of AIUB

3. To develop and validate self-survey instruments covering the essential areas and components of the university, and administer this to generate valuable information for utilization by the management and other potential users.

4. To design and implement training programs in collaboration with the UGC-QAU to build the capacities of the IQAC staff, management, teaching and nonteaching officers.

5. To advocate, promote and sustain quality assurance through the continuous process of internal and external assessments of academic programs and services


  1. AIUB-IQAC activities

• Conduct orientation-training to all the staff of sub area committee members on the objectives, requirements, expected outputs of AIUB-IQAC and their individual roles and responsibilities to perform

• Development and application of the internal QA Assessment Tool

• Familiarize the staff of AIUB-IQAC on the various components of QA system both internal and external assessments in consonance with the UGC – QAU Manual of Operation

• Understand the specific concerns/issues and contents or items of each of the QA areas and design appropriate courses of action

• Review the existing policies, systems and procedures currently observed in the university and identify gaps to fill in, enrichment and improvement

• Prepare plan of action for local and international training programs to build the awareness and capacities of the key officials and individual staff composing the AIUB-IQAC

• Establish linkage with local and international accreditation bodies to learn from their best approaches and practices, and register credentials for recognition

• Continue the process of current accreditation of the academic programs, certification of the management operation system of the university and other QA activities

• Establish close linkage with various departments, offices and units of the university in the implementation of quality assurance activities

• Utilize the expected results delivered from assessments for the strengthening and improving the different academic programs, operation system, service delivery, community engagement, and strategic approaches.


The IQAC IS set up following an administrative order of the university authority. It is organized in such a way as befits the size, existing structure and capacity of the university as delineated in the Act.The role of AIUB- IQAC is to:

  • support AIUB in achieving its  vision through providing good quality education;
  • IQAC function as a central quality assurance unit for the AIUB and review existingN standards and procedures;
  • AIUB-IQAC develop new standards, policies, systems, processes, and procedures by adapting and incorporating best practices;
  • systematically monitor and evaluate AIUB’s practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments as deemed fit to ensure generally acceptable standards of quality;  



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 (as of Oct. 2014)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Accreditation with PAASCU

  • Awarded Application Status (15.02.2009) 
  • Awarded Candidate Status (04.12.2009) 
  • Awarded  Full Accreditation Status (25.11.2011)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program Accreditation with PAASCU

  • Awarded Application Status (06.02.2010) 
  • Awarded Candidate Status (18.01.12)
  • Awarded  Full Accreditation Status (10.05.13)

 Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science (CS), Software Engineering (SE), Computer Information System (CIS), Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSSE) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Programs Accreditation with PAASCU

  • Awarded Application Status (07.04.2012)
  • Awarded Candidate Status (24.05.13) 
  • Awarded  Full Accreditation Status (16.05.14)


Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BSc.EEE) Program

Accreditation with IEB and PAASCU



  • Application Status (06.2012)
  • Awarded Candidate Status (12.05.2014)


  • AIUB Achieved Highest Rank from IEB among Private

Universities in Bangladesh for EEE Program (06.06.2009)

  • Renewal Evaluation for Accreditation by IEB-BAETE
  • AQAC attended an orientation on the accreditation of the  EEE program under the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Baltimore, USA


Bachelor of Architecture Accreditation with IAB

  • Application (23.07.2012)
  • IAB Assessment Team Evaluation (03.06.2013)
  • Awarded Accreditation (11.01.2014)


ISO 9001:2008 Certification with SGS-UKAS

  • Application (15.11.2013)
  • Orientation & Documentation Training
  • Quality Manual and Exhibits Preparation
  • Stage 1 & 2 Audit
  • Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (15.09.2014)


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*All academic programs are Government recognized and approved by UGC

AQAC      - AIUB Quality Assurance Center

PAASCU - Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities

APQN      - Asia Pacific Quality Network (PAASCU and UGC are members)

IEB          - Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh

IAB         - Institute of Architects, Bangladesh 

BAETE   - Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education

ISO         - International Organization for Standardization

SGS        - Societe Generale de Surveillance

UKAS    - United Kingdom Accreditation Service