Multisim Training Session

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering arranged a workshop on Multisim Software Simulation Tool on 19 July, 2012 in collaboration with the Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB). The purpose of this training session was to introduce the engineering students with the basic ideas of simulation and simulation methods, tips & tricks with Multisim Simulation Tool. Mr. Rinku Basak, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of EEE was present at the training session and delivered his inaugural speech as a chief guest. He delivered the speech by inspiring the Engineering novices to arrange and take part in such workshops with a view to ignite themselves in the way of technical and Engineering advancement. He mentioned the applications about several Simulation Software Tools for the higher study and research work in different area. The instructors of the workshop were Mr. Md. Nahian-Al-Subri Ivan, Lecturer, Dept of EEE, AIUB and Mr. Subrata Biswas, Lecturer, Dept of EEE, AIUB. With a very friendly atmosphere, the two trainers conducted their instructive sessions. At first, through a very informative multimedia presentation, Mr. Subrata Biswas gave an overview on Multisim, it’s use and unique features. He also showed the techniques of using Multisim to design PCB and simulation procedure for Microcontrollers. Later on, Mr. Md. Nahian-Al-Subri Ivan demonstrated the basic use of virtual components & circuit implementation methods with Multisim. Afterwards, they had provided cooperative tasks and practical examples for better understanding of the trainees. Around 80 students from the Dept of EEE, AIUB took part in the training session spontaneously.
At the end of training session, Mr. Md. Arif Raihan Maahi, the General Secretary of ESAB thanked the trainers for their earnest efforts. He also thanked the participants for their spontaneous participation.
The whole event was hosted by Mr. Mashrur H. Shurid, Coordinator of ESAB Operations in AIUB. AIUB Unit Executives and other organizing members were also present at the event.