Introduction : System and software reqs. eng., Error propagation, Types and cost of requirements defects, definitions. Requirements Engineering Processes: RE evolutionary process, RE basic process, RE in software lifecycle, Process vs. product specifications. Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification: Problem analysis, Solution space, Requirements prioritization. Requirements Elicitation: Critical issues, Four worlds of RE, Desirable properties of requirements, Requirements traceability, goal-orientation, other elicitation techniques. : Use cases, episodes, scripts, completeness of scenarios, misuse cases, anti-goals. Enterprise Requirements: Modeling Techniques: Agent-oriented enterprise modeling, Business modeling with UML, Conventional enterprise modeling techniques. Functional Requirements: Semi-formal Structural Models. Functional Requirements: Formal Structural Models. A Formal OO-RML/Telos: Deficiencies of SA, RML/Telos Essentials, A Formalization. Metamodeling: Models, Metaclass, Metamodels, Metamodels for UML and other notations. Functional Requirements: Behavioral Models: Decision-oriented, State-oriented, Function-oriented behavioral models. Non-Functional Requirements: Why, What – definitions and classifications, How – product- and process-oriented approaches. Requirements Verification: Model Checking, Model Finder.

Credit: 3
Prerequisite: CSC 3114