It has proven once again that the program entities of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT) possess excellence as a result of the review of the External Peer Review ( EPR) Team from 19-21 November  2017. The review by the team focuses on the nine (9) dimensions of the university which involved the students, faculty, nonacademic, alumni, employers and management as the sources of information in addition to the review of Self Assessment Report(SAR) prepared by the SAC of FSIT. The External Peer Reviewers were as follows: Prof. Dr. K.S. Gupta (foreign QA expert) from Bombay, Director for Executive Education; Dr. Touhid Bhuiyan (local subject expert) Head, Department of Software Engineering, Daffodil International University; and Prof. Dr. Md. Kamrul Alam Khan, (local QA expert), Director, IQAC, Jagannath University. The review generated information and identified the strength, weakness, opportunities  and threats of the CS Program. The suggestions  profounded by the reviewers were positive which will really improve further the program if implemented. The presence of the AIUB-IQAC headed by the Pro Vice Chancellor and Director IQAC ably supported the team in providing the EPR with documents and information that resulted to a clear and comprehensive assessment of the program. On the other hand, the presentation of the SAC headed by Mr. Mashiour Rahman and its 2 members were substantive to the satisfaction of the Team. The presence of the Dean of FSIT, Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain has clarified certain issues related to the CS program. The support of the nonacademic officers was indeed valuable in providing the team with clear picture of the operation of the university. On the last day, the team presented the exit report and was accepted favorably by the FSIT and IQAC team with a resounding success having a rating of EXCELLENT!. The recommendations of the team will constitute part of the Improvement Plan to be prepared by the SAC which will be eventually submitted to the UGC-QAU after it has been presented to the authorities, QAC of the university.

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