Politics, democracy, and corruption, all seem to go hand in hand whenever anyone takes a looksee at the backstage of the national elections, whether that be of a first-world developed country like America, or a third-world developing one like our own Bangladesh. Money and power are not only at the core of the process, but hold great influence in shaping the outcome of it all. And as common as the common man and his struggles may seem, common sense amidst all the chaos is just as uncommon.

And on the 4th of December 2016 (restaged once again on January 2017), the play staged by the AIUB Drama Club (ADC) focused the limelight on that very issue. Written by the prominent writer, Late S.M. Solaiman, “Election Caricature” showcases the current political turmoil that plagues most democratic nations in the world today, including our own. Lacing the harsh truth with satire and comic relief, the play portrays the characters of the politicians to be blind with greed and self-concern. It upholds how they twist and turn the laws and legislations to benefit their own cause and agenda, not to just siphon more money into their pockets, but even escape any prosecution or jail-time through loopholes of their own creation.

Directed by Arifur Rahman Abir, this was the 2nd time the production was staged at AIUB and with a full house and an overwhelming demand for an encore, ADC put up a 3rd show of the play, receiving immense appreciation and acknowledgement from the audience. The shows received media coverage from the established channel, Masranga Television, with Radio Next and Jago News 24 as Media Partners. Students, faculty members, administrative officers, department heads, directors, and deans alike, all commended the efforts of ADC in staging such an amazing script through their brilliant performances. In the spirit of giving, ADC even donated the full proceeds from both shows as their contribution to support the Winter Clothing Drive, an annual initiative of the AIUB Social Welfare Club – Shomoy. AIUB is undoubtedly proud of their success as artists, but even more so for their unwavering passion, team spirit, and perseverance to use their talent for taking a stand in favor of the greater good. Everyone looks forward to more incredible work from the club as they continue to strive for excellence in plays and performances in the days to come.


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