A Seminar on “Introduction & Implementation of MULTISIM” organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch

A seminar entitled “Introduction and Implementation of MULTISIM” was organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch on 19th March 2014 at room 266. The idea was to give students an overview of the software MULTISIM covering its history, usefulness as well as its range of applications. This allowed students who had not used MULTISIM habitually to learn the basics of the software and those who had already accustomed to the software were able to further improve their knowledge and also learn the story behind MULTISIM. Ms. Humaira Salmin, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, initiated the seminar by giving a brief idea about the history of MULTISIM and how it came into being. Key differences between similar software’s and MULTISIM were discussed and minute details such as its previous versions and the evolution of its name were explained.  This allowed the attendees to expand their knowledge further beyond just the utilities of the software. Following the introduction Mr. Adnan Mohammad, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, went into the basics of MULTISIM, starting off by showing how to install the software properly. A brief theory of “Chopper Circuit” form the “Industrial Electronics” course was discussed and implementation of the circuit using MULTISIM was displayed step by step so that students could follow the procedure and execute the instruction simultaneously. Features such as liberty to adjust parameters, simulation and observing output were also highlighted. Next, in an interactive session, Mr. Rakibul Hafiz, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, demonstrated implementation of the “3-bit Synchronous and Asynchronous Counter Circuits” following a concise summary of JK flip-flops and their uses to further improve the attendees’ proficiency. The seminar was graced by the presence of Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman, Associate Professor& Director, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Associate Professor & Head (Undergraduate Program),Department of  EEE, Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering & Special Asst., OSA, Mr. Nafiz Ahmed Chishty, Asst. Professor, Faculty of Engineering& Special Asst., Department of EEE, Ms. Nadia Nowshin, Asst. Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Special Asst., OSA.,. The informative event came to an end with the certificate distribution to acknowledge the speakers’ contribution and the closing statements were delivered by Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman and Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan where they thanked the speakers and IEEE AIUB student branch for taking this initiative and emphasized on the uses of the software in both the educational and professional domains.

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