Roundtable Discussion:
This was organized by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences under the leadership of Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Dean. About 30 students were selected representing the various  Faculties ( Science, Engineering, Business Administration and Arts and Social Sciences). Teachers of Social Sciences were also invited to get candid comments from the students and likewise serve as resource persons. This was held in the Library Hall of the University on Saturday, 1 December 2007 at 12:OO-2:00 PM. Before the start of the programme, a 10 minute video presentation about the HIV/AIDS was presented courtesy of Mr. Mahidul Islam of the South-South Center . There were 3 brief lecture presentations from  the invited speakers, namely: Prof. Dr. Neaz Ahmed who briefly presented the global scenario,  Mr. Mahidul Islam, Population and Health Specialist, discussed the Bangladesh situation, Ms. Nisha Khan, representing the Youth. Mr. Shahnoor Wahid, Editor of the Star Campus, The Daily Star, was the special guest. The Founder and Chairman, Dr. Anwarul Abedin of the AIUB also served as a resource person being a medical physician. The video presentation and lectures were followed by candid questions from the students and were ably responded by the resource speakers and persons. The animated and very informative intellectual exchange ended as scheduled. The speakers were given token of appreciation by the Founder and Chairman for the their invaluable service. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva expressed the words of thanks on behalf of the UNFPA and the AIUB. (see attachments: programs, list of participants, pictorials and press release).


Poster-Making Competition:
An announcement was circulated to the various campuses inviting the students to join in the contest (see attachment). Fifteen entries were received and three (3) were adjudged the winners (first, second and third) based on the following criteria: message, relevance, creativity and originality.

On the first day of the observance of the World HIV/AIDS 2007, students, faculty and staff were pinned the red ribbon symbolizing their participation (see attachment).
The faculty of social sciences were directed to include in their discussions on social problems and issues the topic on HIV/AIDS in their respective classes.