AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) organized a workshop entitled “PLC & Industrial Automation” in association with ‘Elegant Engineering Solutions’ at Room 266, Building-2, AIUB. ‘Elegant Engineering Solutions’ is an established engineering and training company. The main purpose of this workshop was to motivate the engineering students of AIUB and to introduce them with the usage and implication of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and PLC software in everyday life. The seminar was duly commenced by Mr. Rinku Basak (Head, Graduate Program &Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE). He discussed a few essential points on the importance of attending and the possibilities that could be achieved from a workshop of its kind. The guest speaker, Mr. Md. Minhajul Islam (Executive Director & CEO of Elegant Engineering Solution) was then requested to share his knowledge about PLC and Industrial Automation. Of the three sessions of the workshop, the first session was about the introduction of his company, Elegant Engineering Solutions. The second session provided the basic concept on the usage and implication of PLC and PLC software in everyday life. The third and final session was spent on encouraging students and motivating them to realize the significance of studying engineering. The seminar was concluded by Dr. M.A. Mannan (Head, Undergraduate Program & Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE) by showing his gratitude towards Elegant Engineering Solutions and Md. Minhajul Islam by giving him a souvenir from AIUB. A souvenir was also given by Md. Minhajul Islam from the Elegant Engineering Solution to Dr. M.A. Mannan. The workshop was graced with the presence of Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Special Assistant, OSA), Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Special Assistant, OSA), Mr. Sayed Muhammad Baker (Lecturer, Department of EEE), Mr. Tawsif Ibne Alam (Lecturer, Department of EEE), Mr. Md. Sajid Hossain (Lecturer, Department of EEE) and Mr. Mehedi Hasan (Teaching Assistant, Dept. of EEE). [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]1 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]2 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]3 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]4 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]5 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]6 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]7 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]8 [PLC INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]9