Workshop on Microcontroller organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch

IEEE AIUB Student branch organized a 2-day long workshop on Microcontroller held on the 26th of September and on the 21th of October. The main purpose of the workshop was to help students expand their conceptual interpretation of the basics of Microcontroller by using related simulation programs. The workshop was held in Computer Lab of Campus-2. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Kazi Muhammad Jameel, Lecturer, Dept. of EEE and Mr. Ihteaz Muhaimeen Hossain, Lecturer, Dept. of EEE.  The instructors focused on the programming required for microcontrollers and helped students with microcontroller simulations for various implementations like input-output operations, systems that correlate with interruption, ADC (conversion of analog to digital signal), LCD display operation and many more. The core idea i.e. understanding the basics of Microcontrollers was covered both theoretically and practically throughout the workshop. Both the speakers conducted the seminar in an interesting manner by means of facts and real life applications while maintaining an interactive atmosphere for the students. Crests and certificates were handed over to the instructors and participants by Dr.Md. Abdur Rahman, Head (UG), Dept. of EEE, Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Asst. Prof. & Special Asst. OSA and Almeer Ahsan Asif, Chair of IEEE AIUB Student Branch after the event on the 24th of October.