Engineering Student's Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face organised a technical workshop entitled as "Basics of Microcontroller" at EEE Room-266, FE Building, AIUB from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on 12th, November, 2015. The workshop started with the national anthem followed by a brief promo video, focussing on ESAB's mission, vision and activities.

Prof. Dr. A.B.M Siddique Hossain (Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) provided the inaugural speech, emphasizing on the use of microcontrollers in today’s world. He discussed about the history of microcontrollers and how microcontroller’s evolution has got itself in almost every devices. He also motivated the students to use their technical skills for benefit of their motherland. He ended his speech by thanking everyone and wishing the event’s success.

The program then commenced with speaker Mr. Md. Mahmud Yusuf (Embedded System Engineer, AplombTech BD Ltd) introducing microcontroller to the participants. He discussed about the configuration and working method for the beginners. He then provided a brief introduction to Atmel Studio 6.1 software and process for writing a programme with proper syntax. He also presented the process of designing a circuit and simulating that programme of microcontroller using Proteus 8 Pro software and concluded the first phase of the workshop. At the second phase, Mr. Yusuf presented some basic tutorial circuit designs using microcontroller. One of the notable tutorial designs of the workshop was the, “Temperature Sensible Fan” using microcontroller. The participants were exposed to the circuit schematic and the speaker briefly explained the use of each element. After that, he explained the coding of the tutorial project and displayed the implementation of code in the microcontroller. 

Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan (Associate Professor & Head, Undergraduate Program, Department of EEE, AIUB) delivered the ending speech emphasizing on microcontroller in today’s world. He thanked ESAB AIUB UF and encouraged its effort in organizing workshops of this prime magnitude. At the end, Dr. Mannan handed over certificate and souvenir to the trainer as a token of gratitude to his effort in making the event successful. Certificates were also distributed by the trainer among the participants as a mark of their successful participation in the event. ESAB AIUB Unit Face is also grateful to Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE; Special Assistant, OSA ,AIUB and Mentor, ESAB AIUB Unit Face), Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Special Assistant, OSA), Mr. Tawsif Ibne Alam (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB and Motivator, ESAB AIUB Unit Face) , (Ms. Tajbia Karim (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB and Motivator, ESAB AIUB Unit Face) and Mr. Md. Sajid Hossain (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB) for their support and presence in the event.

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