University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh in  partnership with UNICEF have been working very closely to foster Communication for Development (C4D) curriculum and research among Bangladeshi academic institutions since the very beginning of 2017. A series of joint programs- Curriculum Design Workshop, C4D Research Capacity Strengthening Workshop, Research Conference and Mentorship have been held with the continued technical assistance of Ohio University, USA, and strong support of local scholars in the area.  A number of faculties from public and private universities have completed an e-Learning Course on C4D, actively participated in C4D Curriculum Design and started using the developed contents in the academic disciplines. American International University –Bangladesh had also participated  in the C4D Research Capacity Strengthening Workshop, Follow-up workshop, C4D symposiums to get involved in the development work of the country.

Currently, UNICEF Bangladesh with support from University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) is releasing of both the online and print versions of its Communication for Development (C4D) Curriculum for Bangladesh. This is one product of the partnership between faculty at nine public and private universities, a team from Ohio University, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and C4D colleagues at UNICEF Bangladesh. At this critical time in Bangladesh, the eight modules can be used in classes in a range of disciplines to analyze the public health, social and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19, and how communication approaches can combat the spread of the virus. Because the modules are self-contained, with overview text, readings, PowerPoints, assignments, and other resources, it is easy to integrate them into classes, both online and face-to-face. 

You can download the Dropbox folder of the curriculum from the following link: