Department of MGMT, HR & MIS of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) has organized a seminar on ‘Opportunity for Women in IT’ on March, 28, 2012 in the AIUB auditorium. Ms. Henriette Kahré Freris, Sr. Consultant, Danish Intl. Development Agency (DANIDA) was the key note speaker on the occasion. Along with the key note speaker the following speakers also did provide their presentation/ speech on this occasion. Mr. Fahim Mashroor, Sr. Vice President, BASIS & Managing Director, BDJOBS Ltd.
Ms. Farhana A Rahman,Vice President, BASIS & Chairperson & CEO, UY System Ltd.
Ms. Sadequa Rahman (Sejuti), Managing Director, Future Solution for Business
Ms. Syed Khadiza Dina, Managing Director, ZS Solutions Limited Mr. Kenriette in her valuable speech did talk about the changes women face in IT related workforce in Bangladedh. She has also discussed different ways to overcome that.  Rest of the seminar speakers who are also associated with BASIS – Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services, provided very in depth – industry oriented speech. Dr. Charles, Dean, FBA was delighted  to provide the welcome speech on behalf of the AIUB family. Ms. Farheen Hassan, head of dept. MIS provided the vote of thanks and assisted Dr. Charles to hand over certificates and token gifts to the guest speakers. On behalf of the Department of MIS, Mr. Rezwanul Alam, Asst. Professor of MIS coordinated the program.
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