The Dept. of Management at AIUB organized a corporate visit to MBL for BBA Students

The Department of Management organized a corporate visit on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at Mercantile Bank Ltd., Banani Branch, Dhaka for the BBA students at AIUB under the course Introduction to Behavioral Science. The visit was coordinated by the course instructor Mr. Sheikh Ashiqurrahman Prince. Mercantile Bank Ltd (MBL) is one of the leading commercial Bank in Bangladesh.

As per the design of the course, the students were allowed to look into the detail arrangements of the complex systems of the Bank, which effectively combine people, knowledge, technology and so forth. They have practically observed the rules and policies, the managerial hierarchy, the line and staff structure, the formal and informal activities of the bank from a close proximity.

While analyzing the various aspects of the systems, the students pointed out that the bank has a good working condition with efficient staff members. They have also argued that personnel having good morale prefer to work hard and best behavioral practice is to ensure the employees’ work life balance that the branch has already achieved. The students further mentioned that having being a good image in the society, MBL falls into a strong corporate culture. While talking to the staff members, some of the students noticed that the personnel have enough cultural intelligence to deal with diversified people which indicates proper responsiveness of the globalization process.

It is expected that the students will apply the ideas/ knowledge acquired from this visit to their work and thus will be able to enhance their skill and aptitude for application in professional life.