With the initiative of UGC (University Grants Commission), AIUB SAC FE organized Team Building Workshop on Self-Assessment and Quality Assurance of FE Program” at AIUB auditorium on 5th of May, 2015. On this very occasion, all the esteemed Faculty Members and Officers of EEE department, Faculty of Engineering were accumulated. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva (Pro Vice-Chancellor & Director, AIUB-IQAC), Dr. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain (Dean, Faculty of Engineering), Dr. ABM Rahmatullah (Additional Director, AIUB-IQAC), Ms. Farheen Hassan (Additional Director, AIUB-IQAC) and Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Head of UG program & Head of SAC,FE), had graced the workshop with their precious presentations.

All the respected faculty members and officers under FE took their position by 10.40 am and finally Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan commenced the inauguration of the workshop with a supple welcome speech. Followed by Dr. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain embarked on his oratory with an explicit explanation on the engraved meaning of teaching profession and teaching methodologies, which includes enriched and updated course outline, different teaching schemes, mutual interactive relationship between the teacher and the students etc.. He emphasized mainly on two major aspects: Clear understanding of Self Assessment and Self Assessment Processes, which portrayed the very aim of this workshop. He put end to his speech by embracing the achievements that AIUB conquered and also encouraged the present audiences for maintaining these commendable feats.

With his integrity, Dr. Charles C. Villanueva commenced his oration by specifying the importance of self assessment terminology. He explicated that, the benefits of self assessment is not confined only to individual interest but comprehends the interest of the institution as a whole. In an academic institution, self assessment provides quality assurance to the individual programs, which in turn ensures the quality of the institution as a whole. The invaluable speech of Dr. Charles was concluded with the proclamation of conquering the accreditation of many of the ongoing programs from PAASCU and IEB.

After the conclusion of the preceding speech, Dr. ABM Rahmatullah shared his gleaming experiences with the audiences, while working in IQAC (Institutional Quality Assurance Cell). He shared the fact of pride: AIUB was the first university which introduced AQAC (AIUB Quality Assurance center) and the very first seminar of IQAC was held in AIUB. He concluded his presentation by welcoming the audiences for this new notion.

Thus far, the concept of self assessment was recounted and then the time came when the processes through which this concept can be implemented were explained elaborately. And this section was covered by Ms. Farheen Hassan. She narrates the different sections of IQAC and also explains the role of individual parts. She also introduced the SAC (Self –Assessment committee) for FE programs where the head is Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan and the remaining two members are Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Special Assistant, OSA, AIUB) and Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE & Special Assistant, OSA, AIUB).

Finally the workshop came to its end and the peroration of the workshop was drawn by Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan



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