Teaching Practicum Workshop for BA English Students

Students of BA English—majoring in ‘Language & Linguistics’ and in ‘TEFL’—participated in a Teaching Practicum (the counterpart of Internship) workshop on Thursday, 14 June 2012 at the seminar room of Campus-7.

Attended by the Dean Prof. Tazul Islam, the Associate Dean Dr. A K M Matiur Rahman, the Head of the Department Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed and faculty members Mr. M Hamidul Haque, Ms. Rezwana Liana, Ms. Shaila Ahmed, Ms. Sabrina Rahman, as well as the Teaching Practicum students, the workshop gave a thorough overview of the detailed formalities regarding Teaching Practicum.
It needs to be mentioned that after completing the coursework, BA English students need to attend EFL classrooms in different educational institutions at primary/secondary level. By observing students and classroom dynamics, and working with students one-on-one and in small groups, practicum students acquire knowledge and skills about the teaching context. The practicum offers students the opportunities to practice, enhance and reflect upon the teaching skills under classroom conditions and is also offers opportunities to put into practice theories and approaches explored the coursework as well as identify areas for further exploration. As part of the practicum, students need to produce a report under the supervision of respective course teachers.

In this connection, this workshop was a very useful event for both the students and their supervisors. By the way, it has been a matter of pride for the English Department that BA English graduates won the ‘Best Teaching Practicum/Internship Report’ awards from Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences in the last two successive Convocations.