Students of Architecture Department from Photography course (Summer 2017-2018 Semester) recently organized a study trip from 11th July, Wednesday to 14th July, Saturday. They visited Khadimnagar National Park, Ratargul and Bichanakandi in Sylhet district to understand the nature and landscape, its natural beauty and the activities of locals and all these become a subject for their photography assignments. Outdoor visit and hands on training are two integral parts of Architecture Photography curriculum. 

Khadimnagar tea garden is one of the old tea gardens in Sylhet. Khadimnagar Rainforest covered a huge area comprising of hills and natural forest. Khadimnagar garden has its own natural rhyme, various animal species, different species of bamboo, wild orchid, segun garden, bomb hut, Burjan tea garden etc. About three quarters of the Park is planted mixed evergreen forest, and the rest is degraded hills with grasses. The plantations of the park are gradually restoring forest. In Khadimnagar, we spent time on tracking and documenting the experience of nature, light and texture. The pathways and environment into the forest is blissful to capture. 

They visited the local bazar and experienced the ethnic communities and their life style within the forest. The documentation on their livelihood had an impact over the students. 

Ratargul Swamp Forest is a fresh water marshland forest located close to river Goain, in Gowainghat upazila. This forest is engulfed with freshwater in most of the seasons. This evergreen forest gets over flooded during the rainy season. It’s a perfect time to explore this water landscape.  All enjoyed the boat riding under series of trees where they enjoyed the dramatic blue horizon. It’s not possible to have a perfect environment to explore photography skill without Ratargul. 

Bisanakandi is a Stunning landscape at Bangladesh Meghalaya  border . This is where many layers of the Khasi Mountain meet at a single point from both sides and river flows from the hilly high fall. Adding to its charm the dark clouds are hugging the mountain in this rainy season. The absence of such nuisance makes the rainy season a perfect time to visit the beautiful Bisanakandi that coalesces the charms of high mountains, sinuous rivers, graceful falls and dancing clouds. Students also enjoyed the beautiful sunset at Bichanakandi. The color of the sky made another charming impact to this tour. 

The tour came to an end with a great collection of documentation with photographs and local activities.  It was a memorable and successful tour for the architecture students to make them observe the beauty of nature especially for the students who are interested in Photography.
The whole tour was organized and coordinated by the course teachers Asst. Prof. Hasan Ahmed Chowdury, Asst Prof. Md. Sariful Islam and Lecturer MD Tanvir Hasan. This two days trip also received support from AIUB administration. 

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