For the first time, Department of Architecture, AIUB has arranged online Thesis Jury of final year students for Spring 19-20 on 16th and 18th July, 2020.  It was completed very successfully and became a milestone for architecture schools in Bangladesh.
The online event was streamed live for students, alumni and interested audience from AIUB and other architecture schools as well. It reached to a total of 19,770 viewers. 3,760 viewers was counted watching the live streaming and 163 link shares in different pages that includes other schools, architectural firms and pages related to architecture which was beyond expectation. The viewers also commended this initiative through encouraging comments and thanked AIUB for taking this praiseworthy timely initiative. It became a learning platform for many in the audience as the critical discussion between jurors was intense and thought provoking.

In this event, a total of nineteen students presented their final year design studio projects, which covered a wide range of topics on contemporary urban, architectural and environmental issues. The students worked very hard on their individual projects throughout the semester, under the guidance of Studio mentors Ar. Ajmeri Nusrat Shoma and Ar. Md Sariful Islam, along with great encouragements and co-operation from the Head - Ar. Arefeen Ibrahim and their thesis supervisors.
The Jury Panel was graced by a good number of invited honorable external jurors including Jalal  Ahmad (Vice President of IAB & Vice President (Asia) of Commonwealth Assoc. of Architects), Kazi Golam Nasir (Ex-Chief Architect, Department of Architecture, Ministry of Housing & Public Works), Prof. Fuad Hasan Mallick PhD (Dean, School of Architecture & Design, BRACU), Professor Zainab Faruqui Ali, PhD (Chairperson, Department of Architecture at BRACU), Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad (Associate Professor-BUET), Mustapha Khalid Palash (Vistaara Architects LTD), Rafiq Azam (Principal architect of Shattoto), Ishtiaque Zahir (Director at VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd), N.R. KHAN (Architect-TKNRK),  Mustafa Ameen (Principal architect- Domus Architect LTD), Dewan S. Arif (architect- Vista Architectural Consultant and visiting faculty- UAP), Huraera Jabeen PhD (Assoc. Professor, BracU), M Taufiqur Rahman Khan (Secretary, Seminar & Convention-IAB), Sheikh Itmam Soud (Secretary, Publication & Publicity, IAB), Shayer Rahman (Project Designer at DLR Group, USA), Dilruba Ferdous Shuvra (Assistant Professor- BRACU) and many of our faculties too who are living abroad currently. Their valuable comments on the design projects helped the students to understand the potentials and shortcomings of their projects from different perspectives. Many of the projects were highly commended by the jurors based on their merit and innovative ideas.
Successful public events like these are essential to ensure wider exposure and better job opportunities for the graduating students. This also helps to establish a resourceful bonding between profession and academia. Department of Architecture is thankful to the external jurors for academia and practice, participants, students and the AIUB Administration for their support and would like to take this opportunity to wish a very bright, prosperous future to the fresh architects from AIUB.

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