Successful Completion of AIUB-BRAC University Joint Architecture Studio Project

Department of Architecture, AIUB for the first time conducted a joint studio project with the Architecture Department of BRAC University. The proposal initiated and coordinated by the coordinator of Architecture Department at AIUB M. Arefeen Ibrahim, was appreciated and supported by both the departments. The need for similar collaborations on issues of common interest was pointed out by teachers from both the departments.
The project commenced on 29th September, 2009. Through an introductory program students of studio V from respective universities were assigned to design a ‘Community Club for Urban Dhaka’. A total number of 44 students (19 from BRAC and 25 from AIUB) participated in the program. As a part of the program, faculty of AIUB and faculty of BRAC exchanged their opinion with the students, reviewed and finally evaluated them jointly. The challenge of the project was aimed towards a collaborative attitude to attain certain goals which has been successfully met by the students of two schools. The experience should provide more confidence and exposure as well as skillful time management and successful group work for the students. The four eventful weeks culminated into Jury session on 5th Nov at the jury space of Architecture Department at AIUB. Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna   paid a kind visit to the jury program and exchanged her views with the students and faculties. Dr. Zainab F. Ali and Rahat Niaz from Brac University and Ar. Uttam Saha, Saimum Kabir, M. Arefeen Ibrahim, Ashik Vaskor, Ashik Ikbal, Sudipta Barua, Hasan Ahmed from AIUB among others were present in the jury and gave valuable guidance to the students regarding their designs. After the jury a closing program was held followed by an exhibition of the selected student projects on the 15th level of Architecture Department at AIUB. The month-long exhibition is open for all to visit.  The assistance from administration of both the universities, the hard work of the responsible faculties along with the team work of all the students was invaluable in making the effort a success.