Study Tour to Gokulnagor

The Department of Social Sciences conducted a study tour to a beautiful village named Gokulnagor at Savar on 10th April 2014. It was organized by Dr. Md. Taufiqul Islam, head of the department and Ms. Shaira Matin, faculty of social science. Forty-eight students with open heart came to gain the knowledge about agriculture and education system of that village by this study tour. The tour was highly collaborated with a wide range of academic and practical learning session.

To begin with, journey started from 9 am, and an hour later we were welcomed by a shining sun and natural weather in that village. After arrival students were divided into some groups and started to walk on for observing the village. This beautiful village features majestic canals and fertile rice fields that provide its economy as well as the country. As part of study, students asked various questions about agriculture, such as planting time, harvesting time and agricultural business. Later, students visited Gokulnagor Primary School and Gokulnagar High School. Students had a conversation with the students as well as teachers about their education system, teaching pedagogy, learners’ needs and role of teacher. During the middle portion of the tour, we spend some time at the Jahangirnagar University which is archeologically very prominent and renowned. The tour was only one day but its reflection will remain to our entire life and give a realization to realize the life, nature and education of village people.