Over the years, the society that we live in, has been questioned on its weights and scales of ethics, morals, and judgement. It has been morphed and mutated into a complicated system, where what’s right and wrong no longer have any value in the equation of our daily lives. It’s no longer the survival of the fittest, but rather of the richest. The highest bidder takes it all. Finders are keepers, everyone else ultimately loses everything in the end. This fast paced world is precariously jutting out on the edges, feeding on its growing monstrosity. It’s not about the sportsmanship the competition of life was supposed to be all about. Today, it all really just comes down to a race to the finish line, one where all that matters is winning by hook or crook. The lessons we learn through our childhood is inevitably unlearnt in the process of growing up, all for the sake of progress.

AIUB Drama Club’s [ADC], “Shubhochon Nirbashoney”, is a play that portrays just that. It was ADC’s play for the Fall 2015-16 semester. The program was organized in the AIUB Auditorium. Written and directed by the club members, Abdullah Al Mamum and Rumana Islan Jui, the play sets stage in the average Bengali society. It showcases a motherless family of 4, where the father teaches his 3 children to walk the path of honesty in life. They are taught never to deviate from the truth, but as they step into the real world as adults, they find themselves in the crosshairs of what is right and what is easy. In time, they realize how honesty and truthfulness have become empty words that are traded for success every day in this society. In the end, they blamed their father for it, as each felt that the way they were brought up all these years, are now completely worthless in the world today.

From faculty members to alumni to general students, all related with each of the characters in the play on a completely different level, making the entire story come to life for everyone in the audience. Supported by the Office of Student Affairs [OSA], along with the administrative staff and members of the other student clubs of AIUB, the show was house-full, even with it being the 2nd time the play was performed this term. The performance was applauded by the audience, who greatly appreciated the idea behind the script that conceptualized the harsh realities of our modern day society so beautifully, through the club’s painstaking efforts. 

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