“Research is the distance between an idea and its realization. But without data, you are only another person with an opinion.” The doctoral student participants of the Outbound Mobility Program from the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), shared their experience with research in a session arranged with the students of the American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB). On the 10th of December 2019, the student delegation conducted a session for the students and young faculty members at AIUB on ‘Sharing Research Experience and Future Research Opportunity at UUM’, discussing their respective researches, its scope, challenges, and opportunities in the world today. 

Ms. Arifah Fasha Binti Rosmani, a doctoral student in the School of Multimedia, Technology, & Communication at UUM, who is at the data collection stage of her research, “Signaling Principles, Nelsen’s Design Guidelines, Mobile Learning”, elaborated on her progress and study so far. Ms. Athirah Binti Rosli, Mr. Loai C. A. Alamro, and Mr. Wan Mohd Yusoff Bin Wan Yaacob, who are all doctoral students in the School of Computing at UUM, are currently at the proposal writing stage of their researches on “Future Internet & Blockchain Technology”, “Object Recognition for Real World Application”, and “Mechanism to Mitigate Phishing Attack in Single Sign-On Environment” respectively. Together, they explained their respective research topics, their conducted processes, and the impact it may have in the long run on the technological advancements across the globe. They interacted with the students and faculty members, answering their queries on the session and exchanging ideas on the future implications of such research today.

The session enriched the knowledge base of both students and young faculties, who intend to pursue higher education and research in the future. Sharing their experiences encouraged and enabled those present to use their guidelines on taking up research with a more holistic approach, establishing significant theoretical frameworks to resolve issues with constructive practical applications. Their work showcased that research is truly creating new knowledge.

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