A Tripartite sponsored project on Introducing Rural Marketing as a course had a Seminar on Rural Marketing specifically on the following topics/themes: “Rural Marketing in Action: Experiences from Rural Sales Program” with Mr. Asif Uddin Ahmed of Care as discussant and “Opportunities and Challenges in Rural Marketing” with Mahbub Anam of Lal Teer Seed Ltd. The seminar as an opening salvo to entice students to take up Rural Marketing as  one of the major courses in BBA/MBA major in Marketing was held in the Auditorium of the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) on 7 July 2009 being one of the sponsors together with KATALYST and Future Leaders. The resource speakers discussed about the definition of Rural Marketing with CARE-Bangladesh  experience as a model. The other presentation delved on the cultural orientation and practices of the rural folks as an important factor in rural marketing as a business strategy. The discussions were so interesting that we expect the marketing students to take up Rural Marketing as a course considering the prospects and demand of BBA/MBA graduates  with adequate background on rural marketing. The idea to offer the Rural Marketing course in the university has a lot of advantage because of its impact on the students and the ripple effects when graduates apply their knowledge in their work. As an innovation, the project is expected to benefit the students in their good chance of getting a job, the business sector to diversify their marketing strategies to target the rural consumers which constitute 80% of the total population of Bangladesh. This is also an opportunity for AIUB to prove its worth and contribute to the economic development of the country with KATALYST and Future Leaders as strong partners.