Seminar on “Renewable Energy Technology: An Overview”


A seminar entitled “Renewable Energy Technology: An Overview”, was organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch. The seminar was hosted by Mr. Sayedus Salehin, lecturer, EEE Department. The seminar began with a speech by Prof. Dr. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Prof. M. A. Quaiyum, Registrar, giving an excellent introduction to the seminar and an overview of the scene. The guest speaker of the seminar was Prof. Dr. AKM Sadrul Islam, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (MCE), and the Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department in Islamic University of Technology (IUT). The speaker expressed his views on the prospects of renewable energy in the light of presentation that was made and his experience in the field of energy. He stressed the need to promote the renewable energy sector for energy security and sustainable development. He also emphasized how we need innovative technology like Hydropower, Tidal Power and Geothermal Energy to solve our long-term energy problems. He introduced of the Global Warming – both its causes and effects and the long-term objective of reducing global green-house gas emissions. Amongst many technologies in these initiatives, the speaker focused his message on Photovoltaics, Biomass and Biogas. He accentuated how new types of photovoltaic materials and technologies have the potential to reduce the cost of photovoltaic panels. He also talked about Biomass and Biogas generation in Bangladesh and also emphasized how sustainability was the key consideration in the biomass energy development. He used his presentation to describe the present scenario of energy consumption in Bangladesh and its future prospects. One particular thing that emerged from the seminar was the need to highlight the inconsistencies in funding between the established energy producing sectors and the new renewable energies. During these sessions participants could discuss issues based on some questions and share thoughts with each other and the speaker. Faculty members from EEE department Mr. Abdur Rahman (Asst. Prof. & Head of Undergraduate Program), Mr. Tareq Aziz (Asst. Prof. Faculty of Engineering), Mr. Ahmed Mortuza Saleque (Faculty of Engineering), Mr. M.S. Muhit (Faculty of Engineering), Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Faculty of Engineering), Mr. S. M. Ferdous (Faculty of Engineering), Mr. Taskin Jamal (Faculty of Engineering), Mr. Rethwan Faiz (Faculty of Engineering), Md. Mamunur Rashid (Faculty of Engineering), Humaira Salmin (Faculty of Engineering) were present at the seminar.