Seminar on “Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)”

A seminar entitled “Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)” was held on 21st March 2010 in AIUB Auditorium (Campus 1). The program was organized by the Department of Operations Management, AIUB. The seminar was presided over by Mr. Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Faculty, Department of Operations Management. Dr. Matiur Rahman, BBA Program Director, delivered the welcome speech as the chief guest. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib, Faculty, Department of Operations Management was the resource speaker of this seminar. Dr. Habib developed ITESCM model, first large scale empirical study, in his doctoral Dissertation. Based on that, he focused the supply chain management concept for the tertiary educational institutions, which represents one of the service industries. The real-world application of this model is highly recommended through actual implementation by university administrators or prospective investors. The auditorium was full of students, faculty members, including Head of Operations Management, Mr. Zubair Shibli. After the presentation, an open question and answer session took place. Mr. Ehsanul Huda, MBA Program Director, presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the speaker and concluded the seminar with a message to the students encouraging them to relate their theoretical understanding of supply chain management for the service industry, including the academia.