Seminar on “Facebook App Development and Facebook Connect”

A seminar titled “Facebook App Development and Facebook Connect” was held on Wednesday, 4th December 2009 in AIUB Auditorium. The program was organized by Department of Computer Science AIUB. The seminar started with a welcome speech by Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Head, Department of Computer Science. Among others, Mr.Fazle Taher (CEO), Mr. Fayaz Taher (CMO), Mr. Mirza Hasan Asif (CTO) of Infra Blue BD were also present in the seminar. The seminar focuses on Facebook App Development and Facebook Connect. Speakers delivered their lectures on various types of Apps, Programming languages and Communication channels. They also discussed about the process making money on facebook Platform, Viral Growth, Monetizing audience (Virtual Currency and Banner ads), User Acquisition etc. At the end of the lectures, students raised some interesting questions which were clearly and comprehensively answered by the Facebook application developers from Infra Blue BD.