Seminar on “ERP and Soft Switch”

A seminar entitled “ERP and Soft Switch” was held on 21th April, 2011 in room number 266. The program was organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch. A leading company in this field named Connect 7 conducted the seminar. Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Head of CS and Md. Arifur Rahman Lecturer, CS department attended the event along with our very own Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Ms. Jumanah Shireen Khan, Head of EEE, Mr. Rinku Bashak, Head of EEE and Dr. Mohammed Tareq, Assistant Professor, EEE. Ms. Jumanah Shireen Khan, started of the event with a vibrant speech which filled the students with enthusiasm and excitement for the seminar that was about to commence. The floor was then handed on to Mr. T I M Shaniur Nabi CEO Hayestech (Australia) Ptv. Ltd, who gave a very informative lecture on soft switches.  The speaker then went on to stress the importance of soft switches in the booming telecommunications sector. Mr. Shaniur was very impressed by the inquisitive questions from the students and further went on to encourage students from the CS and EEE department in AIUB to apply for internship positions in Connect 7. The room was full of students and faculty members. After the fruitful presentation, an open question and answer session took place and our Dean Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the speaker. Established in 2010, Connect 7 is a Bangladeshi organization dealing in the field of telecommunication, software development and migration services. Products and services of Connect 7 are divided into two major categories; ICT and Consultancy. ICT division is lead by a team of highly skilled professionals. Connect 7 provides comprehensive telecommunication soft-switch solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), web development and customized software development. Connect 7 is currently the sole distributor of  Hayestech(Australia) Pty Ltd; a leading Australian technology company that provides state of the art Soft-switch, ERP and CRM solutions.