Seminar on “Developing self to change Bangladesh”

To address the vision of the university, ‘promoting professionals and excellent leadership’, Department of Accounting has arranged a seminar entitled “Developing self to change Bangladesh”. Empowering Personnel and Manush, two social welfare organization, joined with the department to make the program a success and fruitful. ‘Manush’ is a well known voluntary organization, working in Dhaka city from last two years. It works in different universities and colleges for awareness building among young generation. And ‘Empowering Personnel’ is an ongoing process of training especially for the youth, entry and mid level managers to understand, prepare for the job precisely working for or dreaming of.  It is also a program where the youth could identify the career, strength and areas to develop to groom and prepare at any stage to face the demand of the cut-throat competition.  Honorable Director BBA and MBA Program, Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury delivered the welcome speech with his rousing and motivational words. In his speech, he appreciated the initiative of using internal resources and interdepartmental interaction. In the program, Md. Shakhawat Hossain Shuvo, General Secretary of ‘Manush’ and also a student of AIUB, introduce MANUSH and its activities before the audience and showed how he and his team is working to be a leader. Mr. Rana Dipankar Mazumder, Faculty, Department of Management, AIUB was the resource person of the seminar.  Mr. Mazumder is also the facilitator of one of the partners of the program, ‘Empowering Personnel’. He has educated in the field of Management and trained to be a professional facilitator.  Based on his experience in life he merges the spiritual aspects of life with the regular working arena leading towards a more wholesome life. In his inspiring and facilitating speech Mr. Mazumder tried to convey a message to the students so that they can find their ways of life as per their dreams. He inspires, encourages and induces them to see beyond the parameter of merely existence to a divine understanding of our roles especially in the pursuit of God and His blessings instead of limiting ourselves in the material benefits.  He shares with all to look at life from the inward spiritual realm rather than from outside material world.  At the end of the seminar, Mr. Mazumder distributed some souvenirs to the participants and the resource speaker was also given a certificate of appreciation and some souvenirs for his invaluable contribution.