The Faculty of Business Administration has organized a seminar entitled: Collaborative Research : Initiatives and Opportunities last Thursday, 9 February 2012 held in the auditorium of the university. This was designed to widen the horizon of the faculty in tapping organizations/institutions  to collaborate with AIUB in conducting research.  It was also the intention of the seminar to find out what are the viable ways to avail of resources particularly in Sweden and other countries of Europe. Incidentally, the university has forged a partnership with the University of Gavle, Sweden. Part of this academic  cooperation  is the international student and faculty exchange program, collaborative research, publication  and information exchange. Presently, there are two faculty exchange from University of Gavle to AIUB, Prof. Dr. Akmal Hyder and Mr. Tomas Kalquist. Both faculty have extensive experience in collaborative research which the university has engaged in.  They have been tasked to teach topics of their choice in courses like Marketing and Management. They are the resource persons on the abovementioned seminar. It is interesting to note that there are possibilities to collaborate also in conducting research through  grants from donor or funding agencies based in Sweden. Potential areas have been identified where collaboration can be made possible.  Discussion and preparation is going on to design one research study to be submitted for funding. This is an opportunity to involve some faculty in the study. The Linnaeus-Palme Program has been tapped to fund the exchange of program between the AIUB and University of Gavle. Two faculty members and 2 students of AIUB are processing their papers to reciprocate the on-going exchange program.