On 29th September 2019, AIUB Computer Science Department along with AIUB Computer Club (ACC) and BASIS Students’ Forum, AIUB Chapter successfully organized a seminar on Cloud Service (Amazon Web Service). Students of AIUB from the different departments and programs were present in the seminar.

Seminar was inaugurated by a welcome speech from Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Associate Dean in Charge and Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, who talked about how it is a great opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the transition and allowing them for easier changes and also hoped that the participants will be highly benefited. He has ended his welcome note speech by thanking guests for their interest to share professional knowledge with fellow students. Seminar enriched by the presence of some other faculty member from Computer Science department Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Sr. Assistant Professor & Special Assistant (OSA), Mr. Sabbir Rahman, Assistant Professor and Mr. Ezazul Islam, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Ziaul Hossain, Managing Director, Genese Solution Ltd. Bangladesh started his speech by introducing cloud computing. At his session, he has discussed about the facts of cloud service, how Amazon Web Service is serving big corporations and the startups. He talked about how AWS providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to the governments and private organizations and how they are accommodating nearly billions of users. He then concluded why it is important to focus on cloud computing and has explained the necessity of cloud computing to become successful.

Mr. Niranjan Udas, of Genese Software Solution, Nepal and AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador interpreted the learning of cloud computing with the help of Amazon Web Service. He has demonstrated the reasons to follow up the process through AWS and showed the demand of opportunities with bar charts. He then articulated the facts of being use of AWS in every major corporations and startups.

Technical Coordinator and AWS Solution Architect, Mr. Toufiq Ur Rahman practically showed the functionalities of Amazon Web Service. He then showed the process for creating an account to start any projects on AWS and provided basics instructions to learn through AWS Educate Program. He mentioned that the participants will get $75 to implement for learning. He concluded his session by stated that how AWS actively shaping the future of the product in collaboration with their technologies.


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