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Seminar on Business and Economy of Turkey and Bangladesh

The AIUB Foreign Students’ Association (AFSA) initiated the conduct of the seminar in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration on 22 February 2012 in the campus 1 auditorium of the university. Spearheaded by the Turkish Students namely: Safa Kayis, Ibrahim Sagir and Cemalettin Cigek, the seminar was indeed very informative, interesting and challenging with the discussion and presentations of the Turkish-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) headed by its Chairman, Mr. Fikret Cicek as the Chief Guest.  The other speakers who shared their experiences both in the Turkish and Bangladesh business environment were Mr. Murat Karaca, Secretaty General of TBCCI, Mr. Fatih Celik, Executive Director of the Turkish Cultural Center of Bangladesh (TCCB), Mr. Haka Kaya, Turkish Businessman and Mr. Touhid Pervez, Bangladeshi Businessman.  The speakers described the present socio-economic situation and bright prospects of both countries in promoting trade and industry through bilateral and business partnerships which are beneficial especially to future business leaders of the country. They challenged the students by underscoring their vital role in creating and implementing changes in all sphere of progress and development in Bangladesh. AIUB represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva welcomed the guests and presented the certificate  of appreciation after an enthusiastic exchange between the speakers and the students. In his welcome speech, Prof. Dr. Villanueva expressed his profound thanks and appreciation for coming to the university considering their hectic business and personal schedule. He assured the guests that AIUB is continuously exerting best efforts in sustaining quality and excellence pursuant to its vision and mission. He cited two significant developments taking place in the university, the on-going accreditation of the business and other academic programs, the selection of AIUB as the number 1 private university in the country based on the 2011 Ssurvey on People’s Choice Award and the many best features the university achieved.
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