A seminar “From Theories in Class to Practice on Site” organized by Department of Architecture on 23 Nov, 2017 brought together Professionals, Academicians and Students together as presenters to generate interactive dialogue focusing Architectural Project Management. In today’s world, higher level education is mostly driven by applied knowledge. Progression of applied knowledge depends on the simultaneous development of classroom education and practical application. To ensure the concurrent development of the theory and practice, this seminar creates a platform to share and exchange the class room teaching and real life work experiences side by side. The presenter from Professional group was Ar. Safiqul Islam, Project manager, BRAC University New Campus and CPA 40 Storied Office Building. The presenters from Academic group included Suraiya Farzana, Saiful Islam Tariq and Tarek Morad who are the course teachers of the courses Architectural Specifications, Professional Practice and Professional Training in the Department of Architecture, AIUB. Student presenters were Mahmud S.M. Shafaiet, Ahmed Md. Nasib, Ali Tayba and Mustapha Khan Ishaan, students of the above courses in the current semester. Along with the Faculty members Saimum Kabir, Dilruba Ferdous Shuvra, Tabassum Zarin, Nandita Barai, the student participants also took active part in the conversations. Discussion on the Project management and branches of this discipline from different points of view came up with the suggestion that the gap between theory and reality can be reduced through proper and frequent exchange of information, documentation and development of awareness.

The seminar was a continuation of the seminar series “Theories in Practice” which took place on Nov 2014, Dec 2015 focusing Urban Planning issues in the Department of Architecture. Suraiya Farzana convened those past two events and she also worked as seminar convener for this current sequence of the Seminar. These series seminar have created an urge for the continuation of such a venture on a regular basis focusing different subject areas in the academics.

The seminar was anchored by Chowdhury Farah Zaki and was wrapped up by the closing speech of Syeda Tuhin Ara Karim. The seminar was promoted by the Head of the Department M. Arefeen Ibrahim. Architecture Department conveys heartfelt thanks to the student volunteers and the University authority for supporting in every regards to make this seminar a successful one. 


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