Quite often what we learn in the library or classroom differs from the reality in practice. It’s not the quality of knowledge we are gaining from the secondary source which causes this gap but the fast changing quality of the people and the society. Keeping this issue in mind, Architecture Department, AIUB arranged a seminar where the complex dimension of “Barisal City Development plan” at implementation level was shared with the students and faculties by the Chief Urban planner and of Barisal City, Architect Khondker Neaz Rahman. The seminar was planned, arranged and co-ordinated by the faculty Suraiya Farzana, course teacher of “Basic Planning” who facilitated the seminar through a week long pre-discussion with the students and the presenter on the specific topic. This session was a continuation of the Seminar “ A Green Day by Green Planners: Designing for Barisal” which was held on 5th November, 2014  following the same process by the same presenter and the same coordinator focusing different issues of Barisal City planning.

The presentation raised a vibrant discussion among the faculties and many other teachers and students who enriched the seminar through sharing their opinions, concerns and questions. The seminar was a successful attempt to bring closes the academic knowledge to the practical professional field.

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