Science Fair

A science fair arranged by the students of  Basics in Natural Sciences, Spring 2012-2013, took place on 3rd April, 2013 in the study room of the university. The fair was exciting and challenging since the business student (not science student) were the ones who organized under the supervision of their course faculty Dr. Ramit Azad.
The students took courage in  arranging their projects and present this in the Fair. All the projects were innovative.The students showed their enthusiasm and  achieved appreciation from the faculty and other viewers. The relationship of the terms ‘business’ and ‘science’ were illustrated in the projects. There were thirty(31) different projects whose subjects are focused  on physics, chemistry and biology.
The students were successful in proving new concepts, ideas, thoughts and relating this with their business opportunities and achievements. Thus, this new challenging idea was appreciated by all and recommended to hold such contest every session.The First Science Fair was inaugurated by the Honorable Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, assisted by the Asso. Dean, Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury and the Department Head, Mr. Zobair Shibli. Also present were the two Directors of the undergraduate, Mr. Ak Nazmul and Dr. Nisar Ahmed of the graduate programs. Since the Fair was at the same time a competition of the 31 project exhibits, judging followed. The winners will be honored in a program to be organized by the faculty.