Photograph: 16th Convocation Photographs can be taken on 12-13 December 2015 (3PM to 7PM) in FBA Building (Campus 1/5). After this date, no more photographs will be taken for 16th Convocation. Each student will have to pay Tk.150.00 for the photograph. Students are advised to be in formal attires at the time of photo shooting, because this photo will be officially used in convocation documentation. Make sure you collect the money receipt and sign against your name in the list as a proof. An 8R size photograph will be delivered on a later date. Prior to souvenir printing all the photographs will be posted in the website. Please check your photo online and notify if there is any mistake. No claims will be entertained afterwards if mistakes are not identified by the students on due time. [Mr. Khalid; 01911712825, 01677718567]