Proteus VSM, Microcontroller Programming and Robo-Exposition

Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) has organized a mega event entitled by ‘Proteus VSM, Microcontroller Programming and Robo-Exposition’ at AIUB, EEE Seminar Room-266, Campus 2, on 26th September, 2013. The workshop started with the national anthem. Later on, a brief promo video was demonstrated focusing on ESAB’s mission, vision and ideals. As a special guest, Mr. Amzad Ali Sarkar (Asst. Prof. ,Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) gave away his inaugural speech. He emphasized on the importance of participating in such workshops for the engineering students and thanked ESAB for arranging the workshop.In his Welcome Speech, ESAB- AIUB Unit Coordinator, Mashrur H. Shurid uphold ESAB’s image as a wide national platform of knowledge sharing. At first, through a very informative multimedia presentation, Mr. Bishwajit Debnath (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) gave an overview on Proteus VSM, its use in circuit simulation and unique features. At the end of his session, he took some questions from the participants. Later on, Mr. Shawon sahriar (Embedded System Engineer, R&D, Electro Group-BD) provided the introduction on micro-controller and the programming techniques in C. He focused on counter clock coding, voltage division code writing and displayed the values on LCD with AVR Microcontrollers via Proteus simulation. After that, a pop-quiz contest was organized for the participants.

Another special attraction of the event was Robo-exposition. A group of AIUBian EEE Students named S.M. Tasmeeh Ahsan, Md. Zahid Hassan, Md. Tareq Imam & Md. Kazi Faisal Anwar Sadat presented their final year project which was done under the supervision of Ms. Laila Nawshin Manzoor. They demonstrated their DTMF Controlled Robot-prototype practically and explained its features, interior designs with circuit diagrams, codes.

Afterward, Head (UG) of EEE Department & Asst. Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman delivered a thanks note. He also handed over souvenir gift to the Guest Presenter Mr. Shawon Sharyiar as a symbol of greeting from AIUB.In his ending speech, the General Secretary of ESAB, Md. Arif Raihan Maahi talked about ESAB’s view of organizing such events as well as its central motivation. Then he declared the name of quiz winners and attractive prizes were given to the 1st & 2nd scorer by the guest presenter Mr. Shawon Shahryiar. The GS also handed over a crest to Mr. Shawon Sharyiar as a symbol of gratitude from ESAB. Among other guests, Mr. Nafiz Ahmed Chisty(faculty, Department of EEE, AIUB and Special Assistant, Department of EEE,AIUB), Mr. M.S Muhit (lecturer, faculty of Engg., AIUB) , Mr. Mamunur Rashid, (Lecturer, Faculty of Engg., AIUB), Mr. Raja Rashidul Hasan (lecturer, Faculty of Engg., AIUB) and Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Asst. Prof. faculty of Engg., AIUB and Special Assistant, OSA) were also present at the workshop The entire event was hosted by ESAB- AIUB Unit Executive Tanzia Mahbub Redi & Sadman Bari Aquib. ESAB-AIUB Unit Executives and other organizing members were also present at the event.
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