We, the students of the course ‘Power Stations’, section F, of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, visited the ‘210MW Shiddhirgonj Power Station’ in Narayangonj on 24th March 2012. The vision of this tour was to obtain a clear concept of a steam power plant. The whole program was arranged and supervised by our course teacher Ms. Gouri Rani Barai. The following teachers also accompanied us and helped us to make the tour successful- Mr. Nahian Al Subri Ivan, Mr. Arman Riaz, Ms. Mousumi Mannan. We are truly grateful to them. After reaching the power station, the chief engineer Mr. Saiful Islam along with some higher officials received us cordially and briefed us shortly about the activities of a power station. Then engineer Mr. Shirajul Islam showed us practically how the power station works. This tour was a huge success. We learned a lot and had great fun as well.
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