On 25th November, 2014, final two consecutive seminars under the seminar series named “Post Graduate Seminar Series” organized by Dept. of EEE held in AIUB Auditorium. Post-graduate students with some of the enthusiastic undergraduate students attended program. Mr. Ebad Zahir (Assistant Professor & Dept. Special Assistant, Department of EEE) hosted the seminar by welcoming the seminar attendees emphasizing on attending seminars to learn more about new inventions and current technologies. After that, the esteemed speaker, Mr. M. S. Muhit took the first seminar on “Microgrid – Advances and Trends of Energy Storage Technology”. The seminar focused on several different types of energy storage technologies, trends, innovations, constraints and economic impacts in Microgrid. Associated control systems with distributed generation, control methodologies of ESS, power control and management will be discussed too. The second seminar was taken by the esteemed speaker Mr. Md. Adnan Quaium on the topic “Mobile Cloud Computing”. The mobile cloud is Internet­based data, applications and related services accessed through smart phones, laptop computers, tablets and other portable devices. Mobile cloud computing is differentiated from mobile computing in general because the devices run cloud based Web   apps   rather   than   native   apps. Users subscribe to cloud services and access remotely stored applications and their associated data over the Internet. Typically, mobile devices run a mix of Web­based and native apps. The seminar was concluded by Mr. Rinku Basak (Assistant Professor & Head, Postgraduate Program, Department of EEE) in which he thanked both the speakers and talked about the importance of seminars for research innovation. Alongside, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Associate Professor & Head, Undergraduate Program, Department of EEE) also advised students to be more curative about the consequences and reasons behind the theories. The seminar was graced with the presence of Mr. Amzad Ali Sarkar (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE), Mr. Subrata Biswas (Faculty, Dept. of EEE) & Mr. Raja Rashidul Hasan (Faculty, Department of EEE). Mobile Cloud Computing11 Mobile Cloud Computing1 Mobile Cloud Computing2 Mobile Cloud Computing8 Mobile Cloud Computing3 Mobile Cloud Computing4 Mobile Cloud Computing5 Mobile Cloud Computing6 Mobile Cloud Computing7 Mobile Cloud Computing9 Mobile Cloud Computing10