It was an evening of brilliance, efficiency and wisdom. On 16th November 2017, the Department of Media and Mass Communication of AIUB organized a ‘Meet and Greet’ event where two renowned figures of international film industry were welcomed. Dominique Welinski, a French film producer and Kamar Ahmed Simon, a young Bangladeshi director.

Dominique is well known for the film “Matir Moyna” and Kamar Ahmed’s “Shunte Ki Pao?” is an award-winning film.

The event was all about them, their work experiences and some of their upcoming projects. They screened 3 short films from different parts of the world- South Africa Factory, Lebanon Factory and Nordic Factory. These factories are under the production house of Dominique Welinski. She welcomes young budding film directors from all around the world to participate and show their talent and love for films.

When asked about what they think of the Bangladeshi film industry, Dominique expressed that Bangladesh needs to get organized. It has the potential, it just needs some rules and regulations. Kamar Ahmed visualizes a new wave of people with a lot of potential coming our way.

“International Film industry is like a jungle. It has many fruits. You just have to grab as many fruits as possible. You have to follow some rules ... you have to break some”.

- Dominique Welinski

Kamar Ahmed Simon and Dominique Welinski are working on their latest movie ‘Shikolbaha’.

The program was attended by AIUB students, faculties and Prof. Dr. Tazul Islam, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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