One Day Filmmakers

The last weekend (9th & 10th March 2010) was a long and tiring one for the Documentary Video Production course students of the Advertising & MCMA departments. Yet full of frustrations and excitements side by side, with their first documentary project – it was a real-time test to keep up with the commitment for the students to succeed in the competitive world! Documentary Video Production is a course designed for the Mass Communications & Media Arts and the students of Advertising. Complying with its promise to pursuit the students to develop their inquisitive minds, and enhance ability to create new ideas and skills – it was an experience more than a project. Students were divided into four groups with each group containing dedicated direction-in-charge, production-in-charge, cinematography-in-charge and editing-in-charge. Before rolling out to shooting, over the period of last couple of weeks, students developed their idea of projects to storyline, to visual narrative, to production schedule including shooting schedule, budget & production design. Since it was designed more of an experience than a project, students were even trained to develop shooting layouts through illustrated floor plans with different camera positions and suggested angles. To have a better control over the production, prototype coverage plans & editing scripts were also developed in the pre-production phase as for the guide for the shooting. With a whole two days of shooting experience, each team was supported by another as their Below-the-Line (BTL) team on their respective schedule. As for the part of an experience all together - even the meals were ordered from the traditional Film Development Corporation (FDC) caterer. While most of them enjoyed the new experience, the best comment from one of the students was: “Felt good to be a director for one day!” Currently students are exploring the challenges of post-production with their footage in the media lab.

By Kamar Ahmad Simon, Faculty, FASS