Office of Guidance Counsellor

The Office of the Guidance Counsellor (OGC) serves as an integral part of the university’s administration, working towards developing competent world class professionals imbued with strong sense of ethical values.

It provides constructive guidance to students for academic, career, and personal development. The personnel are available for discussing, advising, and facilitating students through their educational and professional goals, while supporting them to navigate personal challenges and build on their self-actualization. The OGC addresses documentation requirements, processing inquiries, and of course, guidance counselling.

Guidance Services
  • Students are informed about the various academic processes for official documents, along with the policies, regulations, and requirements for completion of their course of study, coordinating with the Office of the Registrar
  • In support of the Office of Placement & Alumni (OPA), the OGC guides students regarding prospective opportunities in their career paths, helping them understand their choices and options in the different fields of interest
Counselling Services
  • The OGC, with cooperation from the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), ensures stability and support to students throughout their degree programs, ranging from adapting into the university life, managing studies with personal and sometimes professional life as well, addressing anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, etc. to ensure that students will be able to exert their best efforts in realizing their full potential, academically, personally, socially, and professionally
  • They also provide counselling for students dealing with problems like financial constraints, family issues, coping with pressure, difficulty dealing with student life, personal loss, or grievances, etc. that effect their academic performance in the university or may hamper their progress in the long run
  • The OGC also enhances the overall university community by providing cohesive counselling for academic and administrative employees regarding their workloads, future goals, adjusting with changes, etc.

  • Female guidance counsellors are assigned to female students and employees on request.
  • Together with the cooperation of the other departments and offices, the OGC is responsible for ensuring the smooth transition of students from their freshmen years to their graduation, enabling them to succeed in their personal, educational, and professional endeavors through the processes and policies of the university.
  • The Guidance Counselling Officer is available for consultation and will assist you without asking for any identifying information.