Employee Benefits

Employee Health Insurance Scheme

AIUB provides health insurance scheme to all the employees including women and employees from underrepresented groups. Through this scheme employees can avail the best health facilities. All the employees of AIUB are also covered for life insurance regardless of religion, race, color, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation including gender identity.

Study Loan

AIUB values its employees and their pursuit for higher education, prioritizing on ensuring not just accessible, but affordable education as well. In a commitment towards ensuring that, employees can avail study loans, acknowledging the years of service, financial need, and professional growth. The study loan is a no-interest option for full-time AIUB employees to explore the prospects of higher education and secure resources to pursue it. AIUB works with its academic and administrative employees to provide them with the opportunity to undertake graduate or post-graduate programs and further their holistic development in the long run.

Tuition Fee Waiver

At the AIUB, employees are always encouraged to pursue their higher education and realize their full potential. AIUB offers tuition fee waivers for all its full-time academic and administrative employees taking up any graduate program at the university. Extended to their family, all AIUB employees can also avail the tuition fee waiver for their first-degree relations enrolling in any of the undergraduate or graduate programs of the institution, enabling both employees and their families to accomplish both personal and professional milestones.

Emergency Loan

Unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances are both uncertain and unavoidable, and AIUB ensures that it is always there to support its employees in any and every way possible. Full-time employees can apply for emergency loans, based on the years of service, with no interest on repayment, in order to provide financial assistance to personnel who have an immediate need for funds as a result of an emergency. Regardless of whether they are going through personal financial hardship or are having difficulty obtaining any other source or means of finances within the time required, AIUB intends to be there for its employees in need and equip them to recover their financial condition.

Travel Grant

AIUB encourages all its employees to engage in research, both local and international, for which it provides travel grants to support its employees for publishing, presenting, or participating in national/international publications, journals, conferences, exchange programs, etc. with quality research papers, constructive training/workshop materials, or other collaborative activities.

Study Leave

Aiding in their pursuit for higher education, AIUB offers study leaves to full-time employees who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge through graduate or postgraduate programs, home or abroad. The university aims to enable personnel to focus on undertaking personal and professional development through higher education, without having to give up their employment here at AIUB.

Maternity Leave

AIUB values its gender-diverse workforce, working towards empowering, promoting, and retaining its talented and dedicated female employees. Understanding the obligations and responsibilities of motherhood, AIUB provides consistent support to all its female academic and administrative employees through its maternity leave. The university aims to ensure the health and well-being of both mother and child, during and after pregnancy, enabling them to continue their careers even after childbirth.

Paternity Leave

Parenting is not limited to motherhood, and AIUB recognizes the importance of the involvement and care of a father that is essential for the proper upbringing of a child. All male academic and administrative employees are provided the support of paternity leave so that they can give the time and attention to their child(ren) as well as the new mother during and after pregnancy. The provision fosters an inclusive and accommodating workplace that welcomes fathers into parenthood.

Contributory Provident Fund [CPF] and Gratuity

AIUB has standard CPF and Gratuity Policy for its employees. AIUB is providing CPF and Gratuity to its employees from 1st July, 2008 and 1st January, 2016 respectively.

and other benefits are provided based on needs and merit.