A field trip was held on 12th April, 2016, in Nagar Matrisadan Kendra near Hazaribagh Park, Dhaka which was organized by the Department of Public Health of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). All the first semester students of Masters in Public Heath program participated in the trip. The trip was supervised by Dr. Pradip Sen Gupta and Dr. Md. Aurangzeb, coordinator of MPH Program.

Dr. Purabi Ahmed, Project Manager, UPHCSDP (Partnership Area 3) in Dhaka city gave the briefing on Primary Health Care (PHC) and answered relevant questions from the participants before the tour around Nagar Matrisadan Kendra.

During the trip the participants came to learn in details that, at Nagar Matrisadan Kendra, they provide their health care service to the rural people through two centers:

  1. Primary Health Care Center (PHCC)
  2. Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Center (CRHCC)

Besides these services, they also provide a favorable service for the extremely poor people. A person who falls in very poor socioeconomic status gets this service known as “The Red Card” system, where the services are provided free of cost.

After the whole trip, students asked few of the patients in the Nagar Matrisadan Kendra about the services and their satisfaction. Most of them had positive attitudes towards the Kendra.

The trip was a huge success since real life experience is the best kind of education. Whatever was witnessed will not only help in current circumstances, but also in the upcoming future cases. It was a scope to learn how primary health care is given to mass population and also individuals from hand to hand. The students of MPH program are enthusiastically looking forward for more upcoming events as such.

All the members of MPH family thank the AIUB Management for its support to make this tour successful.


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